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Anita "La Maltesa"

From Maltese origins, she attended the 'Kenmore School for Dancing' at the age of five. By the age of 16 she had completed the ISTD 'Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing' Syllabus and went on to further her dancing career performing in the UK. 

In 1985, her interests turned to flamenco music and dance. Having studied the basic forms of the art in London, she moved to the heart of Andalucia, Seville, where she received personal tuition from highly acclaimed dancers, namely, Juana Amaya, Matilde Coral and La Tona. Using her singing talents in Spanish song, she interpreted rumbas and sevillanas in the Andalucian Ferias between 1991 and 1994. 

In 1995 she relocated to London where she joined forces with flamenco guitarist, Ramon Ruiz and formed 'Fiesta Flamenca' performing in renowned theatres, to list a few, Blumsbury theatre, London, Purcell Room, London, 'Olimpia exibition, London. In 1997 joined the award-winning flamenco comedy show 'OLE' that tour worldwide, and in April 1999 with a full flamenco ensemble made her first appearance at the Royal Albert Hall, London

She has recently performed in the Royal Opera House (Bizet's Carmen) in 2014 and filmed with BBC 'The Big Picture' to be brodcasted in Spring 2015. .

For more information visit www.anitalamaltesa.co.uk  

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