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Anita and Ramon met in London where they joined forces creating Fiesta Flamenca, a wonderful display of flamenco dance and guitar combined with Latin american songs. This spellbinding show, after many years, still captivates the audience from across the world. What Anita and Ramon share is an underlying musicality and soulful sound that is an integral part of their expression. Their combined talent are woven together creating a dazzling display of virtuosity and emotions that spark the imagination of their audience transporting them to the heart of Andalucia.Anita la Maltesa whose sensual voice and breathtaking footwork evokes the true spirit of traditional flamenco and Ramon's inspirational guitar playing has expanded the possibilities of flamenco and changed perceptions of the art form by mining the richness of its traditions while continuing to recall many other genres of music. The result is a marriage of both traditional flamenco dance and guitar with Latin American music, creating a spectacle of virtuoso performances and euphoria that can only be described as “breathtakingly beautiful”.

Anita La Maltesa



Ramon Ruiz

From Maltese origins, Anita attended the 'Kenmore School for Dancing' at the age of five. By the age of 16 she had completed the ISTD 'Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing' Syllabus and went on to further her dancing career performing in the UK. 

In 1985, her interests turned to flamenco music and dance. Having studied the basic forms of the art in London, she moved to the heart of Andalucia, Seville, where she received personal tuition from highly acclaimed dancers, namely, Juana Amaya, Matilde Coral and La Tona. Using her singing talents in Spanish song, she interpreted rumbas and sevillanas in the Andalucian Ferias between 1991 and 1994. 

In 1995 she relocated to London where she joined forces with flamenco guitarist, Ramon Ruiz and formed 'Fiesta Flamenca' performing in renowned theatres, including the  'Olympia Exhibition Centre", London. In 1997 joined the award-winning flamenco comedy show 'OLE' that tour worldwide, and in April 1999 with a full flamenco ensemble made her first appearance at the Royal Albert Hall, London.

She has recently performed in the Royal Opera House (Bizet's Carmen) in 2014 and filmed with the BBC 'The Big Picture' to be broadcasted in Spring 2015. 

Born in Granada, Spain, Ramon Ruiz is UK's leading Flamenco Guitarist. At the age of seven he started taking piano lessons. Five years later, inspired by his father's passion for flamenco, Ramon shifted his interest to flamenco guitar and has never looked back since. By the age of twenty he was performing alongside Spain's most renowned flamenco guitarists and dancers including Ramon Amador and Israel Galvan. furthermore, he performed for four years in ‘Los Gallos’ ranked as the best and most authentic flamenco club in Seville.

After acquiring a solid foundation in flamenco dance and song accompaniment, Ramon permanently relocated to England where he furthered his career and musical collaborations. He performed in London's most prominent theatres including the Royal Albert Hall and the Purcell Room. In 2009 he was offered his first recording contract by Naim Audio producing the CD, Flamenco Havana, a blend of flamenco and Cuban music featuring Jose Amador, Segundo Falcon and Anita La Maltesa. In 2010 he participated in the production of a second album, Alcazaba, an interesting musical fusion blending flamenco with Middle Eastern and Asian sounds. Furthermore, he was collaborating in many other recordings including Born, the debut album by the sultry string quartet Bond and Days Distinctive by the acclaimed oud player Attab Haddad, one of this year's list of best world music releases.

His interest in classical Spanish composers such as Manuel de Falla and Isaac Albéniz lead him to obtain a LTCL diploma in Classical guitar at the Trinity College, London. In addition to his musical career Ramon obtained a BA (Honours) in Music Education with QTS in the London Metropolitan University and is currently a registered flamenco guitar tutor at Kingston University, London.

His latest musical ventures include the collaboration with the singer/dancer Anita La Maltesa in a duet that incorporates flamenco guitar, dance and Latin American songs. Following the previously recorded CD Alcazaba, Ramon is currently planning to record a second album with Attab Haddad. Furthermore he is in talks with the virtuoso violin player Sebastian See-Schierenberg about the recording of a flamenco/classical fusion album.

In essence, what makes Ramon's music so special, apart from his musical gifts and background, is the warmth and spirituality he brings to all his musical and personal encounters.

Hobbies/interests: Keen sportsman: Ttennis, karate (black-belt), rugby (Italian National junior team in 1986). Speaks fluent Spanish, English, Italian and French.


 +44 07875 768608

 +44 07940 592138

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